Top 4 Things You Should be Trained on or Have Knowledge of as a Parent

Top 4 Things You Should be Trained on or Have Knowledge of as a Parent

Parenting is very challenging and fulfilling, especially when it comes to health and development of a child. Here are the 4 things all parents must learn.

1. CPR for kids and infants.

Knowing CPR is a vital skill for an emergency. Before disaster strikes, be prepared by practicing chest compressions, opening airways, and rescue breathing. Know the difference between CPR for children and for infants. Because infants are so much smaller, it can be much easier to crack a rib while practicing CPR.

2. Basic first aid skills.

Children are bound to get injured in some way at some point. Being prepared with basic first aid skills can help you to avoid potential disaster. Having a basic knowledge about how to dress wounds, remove splinters, deal with nose bleeds, etc. will certainly come in handy when you are spending time with children.

3. Treatments for bug bites and stings.

Bug bites and stings are often inevitable. After a bite has taken place, help your child to avoid scratching, which can lead to broken skin and infection. You may want to apply over the counter anti-itch medicine. If it is a sting, remove the stinger gently. Yanking it out can lead to more venom being released. When your child seems to have a strong reaction to a bite or sting, seek medical attention. They may be having an allergic reaction, or they may have been bitten or stung by a poisonous bug.

4. Poisoning prevention and treatment.

Household chemicals and medications can be poisonous to a child (or an adult). Keep any poison hazards out of reach of your children. Poison does not have to be swallowed. It can also be dangerous if it is inhaled or exposed to the skin or the eyes. If you think your child could have been exposed to a poison, call the nation’s Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 ASAP. If your child is unconscious, call 911.