I was hired as a fulltime firefighter for Payette City Fire Department and that is without a doubt due to EMA. The training and guidance I received during the course of earning my EMT certification was outstanding. You taught me not the how, but the why. Provocation and palliation. Rate, rhythm, and quality. Treat the patient not the equipment, the list goes on. 8 years in the Army as a paratrooper, then getting out you find yourself searching for that thing that gives you purpose and direction. I knew it was becoming an EMT. I remember the first thing you said. "We are students because we are all learning together. They call it practice for a reason." Thank you for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goal.

Very respectfully, Nick Weeks
Thank you for the four-day skills week! It was a great few days of learning a lot and I think the environment you set up at EMA is the most helpful. Instead of making it a stressful "test center" it was so helpful to have multiple instructors helping us through every skill and scenario. I actually think the EMA teaching and scenarios helped me learn a lot more than any other place would have because it was so relaxed and open to ask questions and make mistakes. Thanks again for everything! Matt Dobrowski
Seeing the passion my instructors have for what they do has truly given me fire to case after my dreams. The classroom experience was one I have never had before. We became family not just students. They went above and beyond what was expected from a teacher. Thank you for the laughs and love that came with teaching something that isn’t always pleasant
Ashley Breshears
The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and brought real life experience into the classroom. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested! Amy