5 Common Mistakes Made in Emergency Situations

5 Common Mistakes Made in Emergency Situations

We all know that we cannot avoid emergencies, but once it happen, we need to avoid these 5 common mistakes made especially during extreme cases.

1. Lack of Communication

When mistakes are made in emergency situations, it is often due to a lack of communication. During high stress situations, it’s easy to assume that others know what you know and are on the same page, however not communicating effectively and clearly can lead to dire consequences in an emergency. Thoroughly communicate all medical history to any professionals to avoid any medical errors.

2. Not Working Together

In an emergency, there are always those who take charge, which can be very helpful. However, working with those around you, whether they be others involved in the situation, medical professionals, or trained emergency responders. Be willing to take charge or take a back seat as needed. Work with trained professionals and not against them.

3. Not Having a Plan

During a stressful and unexpected situation, it can be very hard to think clearly. Having an updated emergency plan in place can help to eliminate confusion and stress. Sticking to a plan will also help to save time in a time sensitive situation.

4. Panicking

Keeping your cool during an emergency is not as easy as it sounds. Rash decisions and a foggy mind often make a hard situation harder. If you feel the panic coming on, take a moment to breathe deeply and clear your mind before making any decisions. During an emergency it’s common for people to make irrational decisions, slow down and breathe deeply before you act.

5. Not Calling 911

Some emergencies may not seem serious enough to call 911. However, calling 911 in the few minutes of an emergency is always a good idea. Seeking help from trained professionals will only help the situation.